For more than six decades we have been providing Lebanon’s demanding and challenging market with QUALITY and competitive equipment both in Gas Station and Industrial Cleaning fields.

Our EXPERIENCE and expertise in providing adequate solutions for your specific needs and maintaining them for long years of SERVICE are key factors that distinguish our business.


In the early fifties, Hrant V. Elmayan, Electrician by trade, worked as Chief Technician for several respected Lebanese Garage equipment companies gaining experience in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering technologies behind those equipment. In 1958 he decided to start his own business aiming to import and service Gas Station Equipment in Lebanon. Working with his own hands he installed the first gas stations ever in many parts of the country. Later on, his younger brother Kaloust, a trained lath worker joined him to form "Hrant & Kalous Elmayan Freres".

In 2016, with the involvement of founders' sons, the company became a shareholding company under the name "Hrant & Kalous Elmayan Bros SAL". The new generation brought fresh potential into the business. As holders of degrees in Electronic and Computer Engineering Technologies, they invested in the import and implementation of Fuel Retail Management Solutions and Forecourt Automation to nurture the market's demanding needs.

Now, after more than half a century, we are proud of the Name we have. "Elmayan" for Petroleum and Cleaning equipment, has become an emblem for QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, SERVICE.

Our current Office & Workshop are situated in Dora, the same zone as the Country's major Petroleum companies.